Asset management

Asset Management - Professional management of various types of securities and other assets, the purpose of which is to make a profit for investors. Investors in this case can be both companies and private investors.

The volume of investments starts from USD 50,000.

Choose Strategies of Asset management

  • Target profit
  • Risk level
  • Level of closure
  • Remuneration of Name
  • 60% per annum
  • Average
  • at 30% of deposit loss
  • 40% of profit
Сhoose it
  • 120% per annum
  • High
  • at 50% of deposit loss
  • 50% of profit
Сhoose it
  • 120% per annum
  • Any
  • Any
  • 30% of profit
Сhoose it

Would you like to determine conditions of assets management?

All you need to do is to contact the assets manager in order to determine the level of your target profit and individual conditions of assets management.
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Why thousands of investors choose us

Our Assets managers have got the necessary education and experience, as well as certification from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • Individual conditionsPlease contact your asset manager and he will help you to pick up the reliable strategy from the existing ones or he will create a completely individual strategy for you.
  • Unique technologiesTrading operations are executed by robot, which operates with high velocity of reaction and is capable of analising regularities and anticipating events.
  • Full controlThe reports sent to you with the frequency that you have selected or on demand would give you the whole picture of the value and the structure of your assets. You always have the opportunity to increase your investments or withdraw earned profit.
  • The risksThe suggested investment strategies are at risk of losing part of their funds. Loses are limited to the closing level.
  • We work for your benefitThe remuneration of the manager directly depends on growth of the investment portfolio. Such mutual interest allows to achieve the highest results.
  • Your financial freedomSimplicity and transparency of investing, professionalism of managers. You do not need to monitor the markets and generate trading orders by yourself.

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